Tax consulting within the companyHuman ResourcesFinance, Accounting and ManagementStart up businessProcess automation

Tax consulting within the company

  • Corporate income tax
  • Withholding tax – domestic law vs. double tax treaties;
  • Individual taxation and social security matters
  • Value Added Tax – domestic law and EU directives;
  • Local taxes (e.g. building tax, land tax, vehicle tax etc.)
  • Dividend taxation

Human Resources

  • Preparation and management of employees documents
  • Payroll preparation
  • Employment processing of documents
  • Preparation and submission of contributions to the official institutions (social security , unemployment insurance and health insurance)
  • Legislativ consulting – Labour code
  • Personnel recruitment and selection organization

Finance, Accounting and Management

  • Finance and accounting
  • Internal control and risk management
  • Compliance with regulations and standards
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Operations and organisational structure
  • Sustainability solutions
  • Reporting and performance management systems

Working a busy and high volume environment driving consistency and best practice across all the businesses.
• Responsible for improving the company’s cash flow and reducing its arrears by keeping accurate records and ensuring payments are received on time.
• Managing and supporting the ledger team.
• Providing accurate financial information to managers
• Identifying areas for cost cutting and improvement.
• Ensuring that all financial controls for the division are met and adhered to at all times.
• Giving advice, guidance and support on all financial matter to the company directors.

Start up business

  • Advice and initiate proceedings for the company’s tax registration
  • Financial analysis and assistance in preparing annual budgets
  • The establishment of the company in the Trade Register

Process automation

  • Implementing with success the upgrade for new versions of software. We make sure that the process is logical and very fast and than is just one step to a clean, transparent accountancy.
  • We like to have time for understanding the business, to give solution, to make budget closer with reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to reduce my taxes?

A. In life, it’s said that two things are certain – death and taxes. But in business there’s only one certainty: taxes. Tax obligations go hand-in-hand with running a business. From the government on down to city hall, you need to be aware of which taxes your business needs to pay, how much in taxes you owe, and when you need to file. Make a mistake and your tax bill grows. At the same time, if you plan ahead, take the right available deductions, and prepare your budget properly, you can save on the amount of taxes your business must pay.

Q. Can I get help with my Budgets, Cash&Flows and P&L reports?

A. Absolutely. We have tailored reports for each client. Just tell us your view and we present once per Month your results. We like clients who carefully watch their business every day.

Q. Why should I spend money on an external accountant?

A. Many small business owners do not have an in-depth understanding of accounting principles. They simply prepare accounting information the best they can according to basic accounting rules. Professional accountants can review this information and provide business owners with insight on the accuracy and validity of the accounting information. Valid accounting information can help business owners secure external financing from lenders and investors.

  • You save money by cutting costs on training, entitlements and Fair Work compliance. On average our clients reduce their finance department costs by 40%.
  • You save time. You no longer have to handle employee recruitment and retention when it comes to your finance team.

Q. What if I have an internal for primary bookkeeping could GNG BC control once per Month the Financial reports?

A. We also offer “expert eyes” for you. We make a visit to your office once per Month and we will validate your fiscal statements, give a resume of your economic situation and give advise for the future.

What is the most important?

Our job is to make our clients successful! To be our client you just need to make these steps:

1. Keep the big vision in sight.

2. Fuel your vision with perseverance.

3. Make a plan, but be flexible

4. Embrace your expertise.

5. Keep your sense of humor.

We  Will Help You to understand:

  • Financial Planning
  • Business organisation
  • Advise in Investing in assets for your Company- reinvested profit tax advise
  • How to pay planned taxes
  • How to manage your cash-flow
  • How to recover debts from clients

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Actually, We’ll listen as you explain your needs, plans, and fears. Then We’ll design a personalized plan that explains how we can help you reach your financial goals.



We work together to implement the plan. Then we will keep you updated on where you stand and adapt the plan as business develop in time.



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