Still as student of the University of Sibiu, Roxana Geangu joined my company KARPATUS SRL as “helping hand” for our external accountant. Only some weeks later she already understood the administrative and accounting processes within the company so perfectly that she could take over all related activities independently and the external accountant had to control only monthly the official reports to the fiscal department.

Roxana is very intelligent, acting disciplined and reliable. Soon she became the “Soul” of the company, taking over all activities, which are not directly related to our technical and sales business.

Logically therefore, Roxana promoted to our Financial Director.

As I trust Roxana in every aspect as reliable and especially honest person, she got complete competence to deal independently with our banks and government departments.

Roxana manages her job very professional, with enthusiasm, but sensitive to the feelings of her colleagues, when optimizing business processes, which she found necessary.

Although Roxana was a very valuable member of the company, I understood that she wanted to build up her own business, becoming her own boss. As Roxana is still now managing all accounting activities through her own company, we are glad to have her as a partner whenever we need her.

I thank Roxana for her excellent job within KARPATUS SRL and wish her every personal and professional success in the future.

Warmest regards

Dr. Gerhard Reichert