Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mrs. Roxana Geangu. From Mai 2014 through August 2015, Roxana worked as an external accountant and tax consultant for your daughter company BMB Kabeltechnik SRL. As a German company we were looking for an expert for Romanian and German bookkeeping which is able to translate the different account structures into one system.

Roxana maintains professional behaviour even under high pressure and in the most stressful situations. She is a respected expert within her field. She has become a reliable go-to person for many requests within our company. Roxana was a very diligent employee and always maintained a very high quality standard for her work. She has demonstrated a deep understanding of her field and is a highly talented and committed leader with great management and people skills.

Roxana has done an excellent job, and I do not hesitate to recommend her as an accountant and/or tax consultant. Do contact me if you have any further questions.


Sadowski Michael