Roxana Geangu has collaborated with our company in the time-period 2014-2016, while she proved herself as a person with a high level of expertise in the Financial-accounting field, dedicated to her own work and with a continuous desire for finding new challenges.

Since the very beginning of the collaboration, Roxana has demonstrated self-initiative and enthusiasm and after only 6 months she brought her efforts in implementing with success the upgrade to a new version of software for accounting keeping, project which needed involvement and real efforts from her side.

Roxana is a competent and well organised person, she actively involved herself during this time-period for fulfilling the deadlines and achieving the professional tasks.

She is a creative person, responsive, always searching for solutions solving the problems, available to work within any project allocated to her.

The leader abilities, initiative and strategic thinking proved by her recommend her entirely for a top-management position.

Concerning the relationships, Roxana is leading the team through her own example, while her enthusiasm inspires and motivates the subordinates, submitting efforts for building an efficient and unified team.

Ralf Kuhn